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The Law Office of Jorge G. Pineda is well known for representing individuals in personal injury, small business matters, family law, inmigration and criminal law. The Jorge G. Pineda Office is able to offer high quality, personalized service to clients from in Central Texas.

Areas of Practice
  • Personal Injury
  • Small Business
  • Family Law
  • Immigration
  • Criminal Law


While we are well-known for representing individuals in personal injury litigation, the law office of Jorge G. Pineda is proud of its history of providing a full array of legal services to Texans.

Personal Injury

We relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of our clients, only representing individuals harmed by others’ carelessness, and we move quickly to get our clients the highest potential recovery in the shortest possible time. If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident, or suffered any other kind of personal injury, we are here to help.

Small Business

If you are starting a business in Texas or you are ready to make it right, we are here to help. We also provide support in purchasing or selling businesses,  business transactions, operations and maintenance, including commercial litigation such as business disputes and collections.

Family Law

There is nothing more important than family, and sometimes we need to set boundaries for healthier relationships and a better quality of life for our relatives. We provide family law services, including cases for dissolution of marriage, with issues involving property division, support and children. Additionally, we can provide pre-divorce legal counseling, divorce proceedings, mediation, and when applicable, appellate services.


If you are not a U.S. citizen and want to enter the United States, be reunited with family, or take advantage of a job opportunity, there are laws and guidelines you will have to meet in order to obtain a visa. The time it takes to deal with an immigration matter can be lengthy and complex. We will help speed up the process by assisting you with all the necessary documentation and forms, providing legal representation in your immigration process.

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